Is my website Good? I built it myself or I used a free web tool online. Will the website convert?

Though building website your self is great because it saves money they do not always convert internet traffic. Why is that? Well, our designers have years of experience developing graphical strategies that are used to take a internet surfer to emailing, calling, or directly getting directions to your store. Do we guarantee our design to convert. There are NO guarantees with the internet because there is no direction interaction with the customer while they are surfing the web. We do however make a customized website that has high graphic relevance that should show your business better than the competitors in your local area. Please remember that the average consumer will compare your website to at least 3-4 other competitors in your area before making that first call.

Do you offer multiple keywords or categories for your service?

Yes, we will submit your business with up to 3-4 categories and up to 20 keywords to our data partners. Depending on how many categories and keywords they allow to be tied to a listing, will depend on how your listing is shown in there directory search results.

How do I get rid of bad reviews?

By utilizing our local reputation management system you will be able to identify where to insert positive reviews which in turn will generate the negative reviews to be pushed to the bottom. Google now offers you the ability to communicate with the review poster online by logging into your Google Places account.

How long does this service take to show visibility in new directories?

Your submissions will begin on the date the information and payment has been submitted to us. Once we have this information we will begin pushing data to various search engines and directories. Each directory operates independently of each other which results in a difference of when data begins showing in the directory. Each directory will perform a build or refresh of their directory on various intervals. We cannot control this, however, we do see visibility trends begin to show online within 12 weeks. Google specifically in their guidelines will state it takes 4 weeks for consideration into their directory after you are verified with them.

What are your key differentiators?

  • Integration with many local directories, providing one-stop access to Green eSolutions?s broad distribution network
  • Detailed, accurate reporting across the widest range of sites and site categories
  • Scoring helps you measure your reputation against competitors and track improvement over time
  • Syndication actively pushes your message out to the sites that matter
  • Ongoing relationship with the merchant ? we don?t just report, we help you maintain control of your online reputation

How do we keep our client buying LRM services after a year if they are content with their LRM score?

  • The internet is constantly changing, with new sites like Manta, HotFrog and Foursquare coming on strong, and of course there are sites that were once strong that are no longer viable. We are adjusting the sites we monitor on a daily basis, thus making sure we are submitting your business profile to the most relevant sites for your business to attract the most visibility.
  • We occasionally get reports from merchants that their business listing information is getting overwritten at Google and elsewhere. We constantly monitor and detect these listings issues and take action for the merchant by making sure their listing information is resubmitted to these sites.

A small company asks, ?How will LRM help me compete with the national chains??

Many national chains have an on-staff SEO/SEM team to ensure their company information is being found across the web. Our solution provides many of the benefits of this service at a fraction of the cost. This also allows for 1 call to be made on any questions regarding the listing, rather than contacting many directories.

What is the estimated time for submissions to take effect with the various sites?

Though we do NOT own the directories that we are sighting information on behalf of the end user, the end user should take note, that on day 1 of the subscription for the LRM package, Green eSolutions, will begin submission of the data. Some sites will update more frequently than others, however it may take up to 12 weeks to see a major increase in visibility online or an adjustment in the reporting. Google, for example states they will accept you into their directory with a potential 4 week review period, after the date of verification.

Could my business listing information be overwritten by the destination site after submission?

In the majority of cases, the destination site wants merchant data and values it more highly than other sources, ensuring that the data we submit will take priority. If, however, our data does get overwritten, this will be detected the next time we produce a report on the business and action will be taken to correct the problem. The end user should keep in mind that most directories such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc?. compare and contrast data, and publish what they feel to be the most verified information. After time of having your data migrated across the net, the business listing will be more privy to having their information consistent.

How do we handle the verification process when doing submissions to search engines and directory sites?

We create an account on behalf of the merchant at each site. More than 90% of sites permit verification by email. In those cases, we complete the verification process ourselves. In a few cases that happen to be very important, such as Google Maps, verification can only take place via a postcard or phone call. Our preferred method is to guide the merchant through phone verification when email verification is not available. End user should take note that in some cases Google will only allow for a postcard to be used for verification.

What is the benefit of syndication?

Our detailed analysis of the subscriber?s online presence helps us target those sites that offer the greatest opportunity to boost the subscriber?s visibility. Over time, this syndication effort is rewarded by a steady increase in the merchant?s score, which drives traffic to the merchant?s website and storefront.

How does syndication work?

We ask subscribers to fill out a detailed business profile including basic contact information, web address, list of local-product-designs and services, business description, and other elements. Using the information in this profile, we visit local search sites with business directories and create, enhance, or fix listings for the business.

What does syndication mean?

Syndication is the process of claiming merchant listings and creating accounts across multiple online destinations, for the purpose of increasing the merchant?s online presence and pushing out a consistent message about the business to all the places where customers are looking.

What additional features are available to Local Reputation Management subscribers?

  • Notifications of report activity sent via email or text message
  • Ability to request new reports at any time
  • Full-featured business profile that can be updated at any time
  • Competitive analysis ? see how you rank against known competitors and businesses with high online visibility
  • Syndication of your business profile across internet yellow pages, local search, social networking, regional and category specific sites
  • Syndication of your business profile through the Green eSolutions publisher network

How are site rankings derived?

We think site rankings should be directly relevant to the merchant?s category and location, so we don?t just rely on nationwide rankings (though we do use them as a reference). The primary method for determining rankings is to search by business category and city across four search engines and group the results by site category: internet yellow pages, regional directories, social networking, etc. Using this method, we can determine the most relevant social networking site for your category and city, the most relevant internet yellow pages site, and so on.

What would cause a merchant?s score to go up and down?

The merchant?s score will increase gradually over time as a result of syndication activity. Within that context, scores will fluctuate naturally due to the dynamic nature of online search rankings and the emergence and disappearance of sites that publish business information.

What is the overall reputation of the merchant as it relates to the score?

  • Minimal (0-20): Little or no presence in organic (unpaid) search results on major search engine sites. Basic listings in some but not all local search and online yellow

    pages sites. Little or no additional information in local search and online yellow pages sites. Few if any ratings and reviews.

  • Fair (21-40): Some presence in organic (unpaid) search results on major search engine sites. Basic listings in some local search and online yellow pages sites.

    additional information in local search and online yellow pages sites. Few ratings and reviews.

  • Good (41-60): Presence in organic (unpaid) search results on major search engines. Basic listings in many local search and online yellow pages sites. Some

    additional information in local search and online yellow pages sites. Some ratings and reviews.

  • Excellent (61-80): Highly ranked presence in organic (unpaid) search results on major search engines. Basic listings in all or nearly all local search and online yellow

    pages sites. Additional information in local search and online yellow pages sites, including some sponsored listings. Many ratings and reviews.

  • Maximum (81-100): Top-ranked presence in organic (unpaid) search results on all major search engines. Basic listings in all local search and online yellow pages

    sites. Additional information in local search and online yellow pages sites, including several sponsored listings. Many ratings and reviews.

How is the merchant?s score derived in the report?

The score is a value from 0 to 100 that represents the presence of accurate and complete listings data as well as user generated content across internet yellow pages, local search, social networking, regional and vertical sites. The score is a summary result based on multiple data points. The relative rank and score of sites in the report help us to determine where the merchant will receive the most benefit from syndication.

What is found in a Local Reputation Management report?

  • Search engine analysis, targeting the most prominent results for your business category and city
  • Listings for your business on internet yellow pages, local search, social networking, regional and vertical sites
  • Number of ratings or reviews and average star rating across multiple sites
  • Content of prominent reviews across multiple sites
  • Mentions of your business in blogs, Twitter, local newspapers, online forums, and other sources
  • Sponsored listing results for key words related to your business
  • Relevance rankings, telling you which sites matter most for your business
  • An overall score, used to track your progress over time

Is there a long term contract for your services?

There are no long term commitments for use of our services. We require a minimum of 4 months of service. We feel in 4 months we should have proven enough visibility to allow for us to become an added value for your online marketing needs. Sign up for a full year and reap a 10% savings.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in signing up for one of our packages then all you need to do is simply 1-888-666-0231 and one of our executives will capture the pertinent information we need to begin. You can also email our firm at our contact page, and one of our staff members will be in contact with you.

Do I have to have a website to use this service?

No, you don’t need a website to utilize our internet advertising. You need a business name, local phone number, local address or geographical location, using a US Postal Service recognized street/city/state/zip. 63% of local purchases begin with online research. 41% make a phone call to make sure what they want is available. As long as you have a business phone, you can take advantage of this internet trend. Though you don?t need a website, we do feel this is an added tool for converting internet surfers to your business. You can view examples of our website design by clicking here.

Some of these directories are FREE. Why would I hire you?

Yes, they do. And if you have the time to enter your business information correctly, consistent, and completely 90+ times, you might get the same quality results we have managed to offer. However, our cost per search engine/directory is less than $15 per directory. This information is carefully compiled and submitted into each directory to ensure you will be found for each of the brand names, goods and services you offer in your area. Yellow Pages listings ?alone? for this type of service will cost over $100 a month. We include Yellow Pages and over 90 more in our introductory enhanced package.

What is Local Reputation Management?

Local Reputation Management is a service that works on behalf of the local business, scouring the web to find search engine results, sponsored listings, user reviews, ratings, blog, Facebook, and Twitter posts, newspaper articles ? just about any reference to the business online. The information we find is gathered into a report that offers a comprehensive view of the reputation and presence of the business. Based on the results of the report, we take action to create, improve, or fix online business listings as needed. Over time, Local Reputation Management reports capture new user activity and improvements in business listings.

Do you ?guarantee? that I will be on the front page of Google?

We DO NOT own Google; therefore we cannot guarantee the listing will be on the front of Google. We can however guarantee you that after our submissions run there course we will deliver your business more visibility. We can also tell you that Google likes verified listings, cited proper business listings, and reviews. SAC can help with this by:

  • Verifying your business in a complete fashion.
  • Listing your business across the internet with all the same information
  • Utilize the SAC Rep tool to funnel positive leads to your social media accounts
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