Social Media....Should you embrace it for your business?

Green eSolutions has found that various social media portals like Twitter or Facebook can be extremely crucial for converting consumers in today’s marketing verticals. For example, the hospitality industry wants to see people checking into hotels, seeing that new dish on your restaurant being posted ? in turn all being liked and shared by followers on these social media sites.

Similar to ratings and reviews, Google indexes facebook pages now which means there is an opportunity to have your Facebook page show up for various search phrases. That web surfer finds your Facebook page from performing a general search. What will they see? Will they see recent content updates? Will they see a variety of people discussing topics about your business on the wall? Hundreds or thousands of likes from a variety of people? All of these factors could instantly attract that consumer to contact the business.


Please provide us with some basic information, and we will perform FREE research to show you what your competitors may be doing online to gain internet traffic and leads.

How can Green eSolutions provide you with a better, easier and cost effective way of delivering this experience to the web community?

Green eSolutions can manage this for you, or provide you keys to the social media toolbox.

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